Hotel da Fine Elba
Hotel Da Fine – Via Vallebuia, 4 – Loc. Seccheto – 57034 Campo nell’Elba (LI) – Tel. e Whatsapp (+39) 0565 987017 – Cell. (+39) 335 7066716

The Beaches

Seccheto Beach

Though the beach of Seccheto not so well known, like the two other beaches on the Costa del Sole. Seccheto is a small but crucial pearl that was fallen from the necklace of the famous Venus what she lost in the sea. The beach consists of white sand and offers also beautiful and natural rock pools with salt water. The Transparent and clear water reflects the flora and fauna into a paradise for snorkelers. Seccheto is much visited by divers. On the beach are many services offered.


Cavoli is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of Elba Island. In the high summer it is therefore extremely tight in Cavoli and not suitable for those who are looking for tranquility. It is a long sandy coastline. This beach is often visited in the colder seasons. On the beach are many services offered.


One of the most popular and beautiful beaches on the island of Elba. The beach is not very long but very wide and the water gets slowly. The bay is protected by a long strip of land with much vegetation. Thats why Fetovaia is rarely visited by storms. In June you can see the most beautiful flowers near the beach. Fetovaia is very popular and has all the beach services.

Cave Marittime

Visit on the left side of the Bay of Seccheto (Loc. Le Conche) places that are made of granite rocks. These are traces of an old (perhaps Roman) quarry, but they are now under water and so are pools formatted. So you can now admire the traces of the extraction of granite in the largest natural pool on the island which is 1.5 m deep. This is also nice for children for snorkeling.

Access: On the road between Seccheto and Cavoli, you see a sign with Le Cave Marittime.


The natural pools in the granite rocks on the south are very nice for sunbathing or for a leap into the deep sea, which is always crystal clear. These pools are also a haven for nudists.

Access: Le Piscine can be reached from several points. They are on the road between Seccheto and Fetovaia. One of them is on the second Space that surrounds some palm trees.

Colle Palombaia

The open sea exposed Palombaia consists of sand and gravel and the seabed is very quickly deep. The beach is located on a stretch of rocky coast of Capo Poro, where there are small beaches, that is only reached by sea. In Palombaia there is a beach service.

Access: Drive from Seccheto from the direction of Marina di Campo, Cavoli, you park at the turnoff to San Piero and get down on the coast of the stairs to the beach.


Le Calle consists of fairly flat rocks, very nice for sunbathing. Many appreciate the clear water and the confidentiality of the place. Many points in this stretch of coast are barely visible from the street, these are very popular with nudists.

Access: At the beginning of Via La Calle in a stretch of main road, there is a railing, which was adjourned. After approximately seventy steps, you go down a metal stair with 12 steps.


This is a beautiful beach on a barren and rugged coastline. A not very long, more or less dark gravel beach, exposed to the open sea and is often visited by storms. The natural landscape is much visited by peace seeker. On this beach there are no rentals, so do not forget the umbrella. The transparency of the sea is very nice. Only the name reminds us that we are in an area rich in prehistoric graves.

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