Hotel da Fine Elba
Hotel Da Fine – Via Vallebuia, 4 – Loc. Seccheto – 57034 Campo nell’Elba (LI) – Tel. e Whatsapp (+39) 0565 987017 – Cell. (+39) 335 7066716


Once you arrive on Elba Island, you will know that the people who live here have concluded a partnership with the nature. The nature, the weather, the wind have a daily impact on their lives. The wind determines the weather, the color of the water and can conjure up the most impressive waves. Discover the nature of Elba in diving, windsurfing and cycling. The experts “Il Viottolo” and “Pelagos” offer tours of all kinds. Such as walking tours, mountain biking and kayaking, for free. The Diving-Center of Seccheto will take care of the wishes of the divers.



For cyclists and mountain bikers can be found in all the hotels on the Costa del Sole information for mountain bike trails. The Costa del Sole offers garage for your bikes. Specially for the walkers are organized tours on the most beautiful hiking trails of the island. Because the climate is very mild, you can practice sport on Elba very good.



The hotels on the Costa del Sole are organized to meet the needs from hikers. They give you valuable information for hiking on the most beautiful hiking trails in the area and other places on the island of Elba.
Furthermore, you can book professional guides who will accompany you to the places with the most beautiful Mediterranean colors.


Free Climbing

For lovers of free climbing there is on the Costa del Sole equipped with 35 routes, divided into five sectors, for all climbers divided into different levels of difficulty.



On the Costa del Sole is a Diving Center available for the lovers of the underwater world. The Diving Center has everything you need for diving: from renting of diving equipment to guided divingtours for day and night. At special places, such as the wreck of Pomonte, which in 1974 dropped or Punta Fetovaia, which has a rich variety of fish.
There are also organized all day diving tours in the shallows of Pianosa, where flora and fauna are practically untouched.



The Costa del Sole, especially Pomonte Chiessi are famous for all windsurfers on the island. We have opposed the happiness at the intersection of big winds from two diametrically opposed quadrants (lie southeast / northwest). The south-western coast creates favorable conditions for surfing. It is almost always prevails surface winds, where both beginners and experts can surf. The coast is situated that the wind does not come with the same intensity to the beach. The recommended size of the sails is 6-7 m, freeride and slalom.


Sea Kayaking

The beach on the Costa del Sole is also suitable for those who love sea kayaking. With a kayak you can make nice trips, like the Grotto Vescovo, reachable only by kayak. The beach on the Costa del Sole is especially for those who love kayaking or to make nice walks along the cliffs. We organize trips for beginners and experts, from a half day to four days to travel around the island with camps in remote bays.

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